Mythic Servers

Mythic Servers was a gaming community I founded in May of 2012. Based on the PC platform, we operated in games such as Garrysmod, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Counter-Strike: Source, Rust, and some other well-known titles. During operation, we hosted a total of 9 online servers and 3 private servers - all operated and maintained by me!

  • Server Deployment
    The game servers we hosted ran on multiple server operating systems. The public servers ran on Windows Server and the private development servers ran on Linux. All of our servers were hosted on virtual private servers provided by NFOServers. If you haven't used them before, I would highly recommend them.
  • Client / Server Development
    The website had a rather complex system of communication between the servers and the website. The website supplied visitors with information on our server stats, live chat logs, global ban systems, and user perks for linking their accounts with Steam. We accomplished this by using several database servers to house the game server data. The website then used a tokenized RESTful API to acquire the data needed to supply those metrics. The website was programmed in HTML5, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL. The RESTful API was written in C# and MySQL. The game server plugins used a variety of LUA, C++, MySQL, and SourcePawn.
  • Community Management and Involvement
    Mythic Servers required me to do something I had never done before which was managing a growing community of individuals. At our peak, we had about 2000 registered members. We had a strong volunteer administrative force who worked to keep the peace within the game servers and enforce server rules. We had forums dedicated purely to user suggestions/feedback and the highest voted features requested were worked into our updates. This allowed the users to have a direct impact on how the servers they loved evolved over time. No piece of feedback was too small.

Example Scripts

Here are just a few of the scripts I created. The rest of them are being kept private for the time being.


  1. Drowning System (GitHub)
  2. Flood 2.0 (GitHub)

More scripts are available upon request such as our famous custom Fish and Melonbomber game modes. You can contact me here.


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