Vincent Lakatos

The TrivBot

The TrivBot is an interactive streaming bot that serves trivia questions to the viewers and allows viewers to answer the trivia questions. You can find it at: www.te

  • Automated Stream

    The idea behind TrivBot originated from the idea of having a stream that would be hands-off once deployed. TrivBot accomplishes this by automatically renewing its own API tokens, retreiving and serving new questions, and storing and serving user data on request.

  • Twitch Interaction

    TrivBot interacts with the viewers by utilizing the Twitch IRC API to intercept and process commands.

  • Features

    • TrivBot utilizes a local SQLite database in order to store user answers so things like ranking are possible.
    • TrivBot utilizes Microsoft's Speech Synthesis API to read the trivia questions back to the viewers.
    • TrivBot's lightweight design makes it easy to deploy and stream from anywhere. It's testing machine was a 1 core, 2GB ram, virtual machine.

  • Can I Has?

    TrivBot is currently a private project and source/bot will not be released. This may change in the future depending on the popularity of the bot.

Twitch Stream